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About Fondues

For many years that ancient dish, Swiss Fondue, enjoyed a certain mystique. The Swiss enjoyed this aura of mystery. At the World’s Fair in 1939, Americans who had never been and might never get to Switzerland first tasted Fondue. Authentic Swiss Fondue is cheese from Switzerland melted in white wine. Cheese contains fat, wine is basically water- and water and fat don’t mix well. Therefore, you must use a truly natural and well aged cheese that will melt smoothly, and a wine of the proper acidity, a dry wine, which will blend successfully with the melting cheese. Real Swiss Fondue is made from cheese which comes only from Switzerland. Switzerland cheese is a natural product; no chemicals, preservatives, or food colors are added, are well aged with natural rind, and made with cow’s milk. Classic fondue cheeses are Emmentaller, Gruyere, Appenzeller, Vacherin, and Raclette.

A Kissing Custom

If when dunking a cube of bread into the Fondue, a lady loses her grip and lets the bread slide off the fork into the pot, she must turn to the man on her right and give him a kiss. If a man does the same, he must kiss the hostess, or in a restaurant he must pay the next round of drinks.

Thank you and your group for choosing to enjoy this marvelous Swiss tradition with us.

 Alfonso , Franco & Claudio

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French baguette soaked in white wine, topped with prosciutto, Vacherin, and Gruyere cheeses

Beef Carpaccio

Mixed greens seasoned with an olive oil and balsamic reduction


Tomato, Mozzarella, seasoned with olive oil and balsamic reduction

Ahi Tuna Sashimi

Served over mixed greens with sesame vinaigrette

 Baked Brie

With raspberry couli, sliced apples, and pears, Served with crackers

Provincial Mushrooms

Sautéed with sherry, white wine, and a blend of Provençal herbs, Served with bread

French Onion Soup

House made classic served with imported Emmentaller cheese and a crouton

Swiss Farmer Plate

The best cheese and dried meats imported from Switzerland, Served with bread


Dressing options include balsamic, ranch, blue cheese, and poppy seed.


House Salad

Mixed greens with choice of dressing

Pear & Walnut Salad

Mixed greens, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts

Caprese Salad

Mixed greens, fresh tomato, Mozzarella, with balsamic dressing

Strawberry & Brie

Mixed greens, toasted almonds

Iceberg Wedge 

With blue cheese dressing, diced tomatoes and bacon

Mandarin Orange Salad

Mixed greens, toasted almonds, and poppy seed vinaigrette

                                                Light Salads Dinner


Sautéed Chicken Salad

Diced chicken breast sautéed served over mixed greens with sautéed potatoes, roasted red peppers, Roma tomatoes, and aged balsamic

 Ahi Tuna Sashimi Salad

 Ahi Tuna Sashimi coated with sesame seeds served over mixed greens with sesame vinaigrette

Sautéed Shrimp Salad

Garlic sautéed tiger shrimps served over mixed greens, olives, tomato, and balsamic reduction

Sautéed Tofu Salad

Garlic sautéed Tofu served over mixed greens with herbs and soya sauce



         Pasta Dinner 



                       Penne al pesto & Sautéed chicken 


Penne al pesto & Sautéed Shrimps


Penne al pesto



Cheese Fondues



Mild mixture of Emmentaller & Gruyere

Peak 8

Medium bodied mix of all of the “classic” cheeses, Emmentaller, Gruyere & Raclette

Moitié- Moitié

Mild creamy mixture of Vacherin & Gruyere cheeses

House Fondue

Medium bodied mix of Gruyere & Raclette cheeses


Full bodied, zesty blend of the finest imported Appenzeller & Gruyere cheeses


Mild American twist with Wisconsin and Gruyere cheese





Cherry brandy that helps with digestion.

Experiment a joyful Swiss tradition dipping bread, apple, pears.


         We recommend warm or alcoholic beverages to accompany cheese

               fondue to aid with digestion.



                 Meat Fondues 

Served with flavorful beef and sherry bouillon, vegetable medley, and dipping sauces


Diced Black Angus Filet mignon


Diced Chicken Breast 




            Seafood Fondues    

          Served with flavorful vegetable bouillon, vegetable medley

                 & dipping sauces


Tiger Shrimps


Cubed Ahi Tuna




                               Lobster Tails : ( 2 x 5.5 oz )


    Mixed Seafood: 

       Scallops,Tiger Shrimps & 1 Lobster Tail                                                                                              


             Vegetarian Fondues 

       Served with flavorful vegetable bouillon, and dipping sauces


       Vegetables  or  Sautéed Tofu




                                      Table grills for  TWO


           Raclette "Valaisanne"

                   Assortmentof driedand cured meats, Bratwurst, Raclette cheese,

 steamed potatoes, and “Cornichons”


             Charbonnade Grill

                   Black Angus Beef tenderloin, Tiger Shrimps, served with Vegetables   wild  rice

              “SUPREME” Raclette Grill

    Black Angus Beef, Chicken breast, Bratwurst, Tiger Shrimps, Raclette cheese, Vegetable, steamed potatoes & “Cornichons”.


                 Traditional Swiss specialties

                  American favourite


                          These traditional favorites are served plated, and come with a choice of rosti, spaetzli, vegetable medley, or wild rice pilaf


Jungfrau   2 Swiss style Bratwurst in a rich brown gravy


Zuriberg   Chicken breast or Beef in a creamy mushroom sauce


Eiger  Sautéed vegetables in a white wine reduction with garlic & herbs


Mont Blanc  Chicken or Beef,onions & peppers sauce Stroganoff                


Monch      sautéed Tofu a white wine reduction flavored with garlic & herbs 


Weisshorn    Chicken breast or Beef, sauteed prosciutto, sauce Bordelaise



                      Children’s Selections 


                               Penne Pasta

                               With butter & side of Parmesan

                          Sautéed Chicken Breast

                               With wild rice pilaf

                            Swiss Mac & Cheese “The Best”

                                Fontina, Cheddar & cream


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